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Sha'ar Promo

Sha’ar Admon Project Promo Video out

This is a video promoting Sha’ar’s new project: New arrangements for compositions by early Israeli composer Yedidia Admon. Admon’s name is relatively unknown even in Israel despite the fact that a lot of his songs are known and just thought to be folk songs. The official project release show will be in NYC in November.…

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NYU Panel on Adaptation With Etgar Keret Featuring a Selection From the Play “Suddenly a Knock at the Door”

On Wednesday June 24th at the NYU School of Professional Studies (7 East 12th Street, NYC), there will be a panel on adaptation of original work featuring acclaimed Israeli writer Etgar Keret and playwright Robin Goldfin. Robin has been working on a play based on 8 of Keret’s short stories featuring live music composed by…

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Oren to Perform with Brazilian Singer Nicole Borger on June 27

On June 27th, Nicole will be releasing her new CD Raizes/Roots with a performance at Drom in NYC. The show will feature a great band including Pablo Aslan (Bass), Oren Neiman (guitar), Gilad Ben-Zvi (guitar), Uri Sharlin (Accordion) and Sergio Krakowsky (Percussion). Here is a link for more details: Nicole Borger “Raizes” Album Release Concert…

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Band Sha’ar Previews New Project at Art OMI

Sha’ar, an international group featuring Oren(guitars) along with Argentinian clarinetist Ivan Barenboim, Drummer/Percussionist David Freeman and Bassist Doug Drewes(Both American), did a preview performance of their new project at Art OMI in Ghent NY. The project features new arrangements to music from early Israeli composer Yedidia Admon. Here’s a link to a review of the…

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